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      • 招聘公司:太平金融控股有限公司
      • 薪資范圍:面議
      • 招聘人數:2人
      • 發布時間:2021-05-14
      • 招聘類型:校園招聘
      • 工作性質:全職
      • 工作地點:香港
      • 截止時間:


      1. Perform daily compliance monitoring and market risk management duties
      2. Contribute to the development of quantitative risk model and conduct risk evaluation
      3. Assist to set up and periodically review risk indicators
      4. Assist to develop and review risk management policies and procedures
      5. Prepare periodic risk report as required
      6. Review and establish rules and regulations for compliance issues
      7. Conduct compliance audit for business units
      8. Handle communication and enquiry with external regulatory institutions, e.g SFC and Company Registry.
      9. Book keep on change in company information, license holder and RO issues
      10. Handle complaints and file keeping
      11. Conduct compliance training for internal staff
      12. Any other related duties as may be assigned from time to time


      1. Master degree or above in Finance, Statistics, Mathematics, Accounting or related disciplines
      2. Knowledge of at least one programming language
      3. Strong written communication and presentation skills as well as good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)

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